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Weekly funding opportunities

Dear fellow MindSeters,

We are pleased to share with you this new web page featuring external funding opportunities for NGOs and start-ups in the humanitarian and international development sectors. We will add and update opportunities three times a week!

The opportunities are filtered according to sectors, funding amounts, targeted applicants, and locations, and reflect the specific needs and work of our partners.

If you are an applicant, do not hesitate to contact us should you need any support drafting successful proposals and building bold and creative consortium and other partnerships!

If you are a donor/investor and would like your opportunity to be published here, contact us!

Good luck!

Google for startups | Accelerator for health tech startups Israel & Europe

| Sectors: Health tech| Granting entities: Google for startups | Deadline: 23 August| Type of support: Accelerator | Funding/benefits: Google’s support| Applicants: Health tech startups | Locations: Israel and Europe ...
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RISE by Sundara |

| Sectors: WASH, entrepreneurship, women resilience, innovation | Granting entities: RISE by Sundara | Deadline: 31 August | Type of support: Fellowship | Funding/benefits: 5,000-10,000 USD | Applicants: Women entrepreneurs| ...
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The Acumen Resilient Agriculture Fund launched for African agribusinesses

| Sectors: Agritech, food security, climate resilience | Granting entities:The Acumen Resilient Agriculture Fund| Deadline: N/A| Type of support: Investment | Funding/benefits: $58 million | Applicants: African agribusinesses | Locations: ...
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Grand Challenge Canada | Ecosystem Catalyst for Kenyan County Readiness to Demand and Scale Health Innovation

| Sectors: Health technologies, innovation ecosystem | Granting entities: Grand Challenge Canada | Deadline: 9 August| Type of support: Grant | Funding/benefits: $500,000 CAD over two years| Applicants: non-profit, for-profit ...
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| Sectors: Health tech | Granting entities:  The Innovation World Cup® Series| Deadline: 22 September | Type of support: Prize | Funding/benefits: Prizes worth +500.000 USD, a cash prize of ...
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UNOPS | Lives in dignity grant facility for displacement settings

| Sectors: Displacement, livelihoods, refugees, protection, health, WASH| Granting entities: UNOPS | Deadline: 2 August | Type of support: Grants | Funding/benefits: 24 millions euros from 2021 to 2025 | ...
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ILO | SDG 8.7 Innovation Challenge

| Sectors: Digital solutions, child labor, human trafficking | Granting entities: International Labor Organization | Deadline: 15 August| Type of support: Prizes | Funding/benefits: 30,000 euros + support package | ...
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The Noel Buxton Trust | Annual call for proposals for NGOs in Africa

| Sectors: Livelihoods, food security, social and economic development, women resilience | Granting entities: The Noel Buxton Trust | Deadline: Ongoing | Type of support: Grant | Funding/benefits: 5,000 GBP / ...
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ITU / UNOSCC | The Global South COVID-19 Digital Innovation Challenge

| Sectors: COVID-19, South-South Cooperation, Digital access and inclusion, governance, social and economic development | Granting entities: The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the  United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC) | ...
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EC Horizon 2030 | Various calls for proposals on ‘Resilient Industry’ and ‘Green and digitized production’

| Sectors: Resilient industry, green and digitized production | Granting entities: European Commission, Horizon 2030| Deadline: 23 September | Type of support: Grants | Funding/benefits: Multiple | Applicants: Multiple | ...
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UNICEF Innovation | Funding Opportunity for Tech Startups

| Sectors: Digital services, AI, machine learning, data science | Granting entities: UNICEF Innovation | Deadline: 2 August | Type of support: Equity free investment | Funding/benefits: 100,000 USD| Applicants: ...
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UNDP | Pathfinder Award for innovation in nature conservation

| Sectors: Environment, conservation, innovation | Granting entities: The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the IUCN International Union for Conservation of Nature | Deadline: | Type of support: Prize ...
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FFA | Call for Agritech startups

| Sectors: Agriculture, food security, innovation | Granting entities: Founders Factory Africa & Small Foundation | Deadline: Ongoing | Type of support: Investment | Funding/benefits: Up to 300,000 USD | ...
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BayWa | Smart Farming Challenge

| Sectors: Food security, satellite data | Granting entities: BayWa | Deadline: 19 July | Type of support: Challenge | Funding/benefits: 10,000 USD + pilots | Applicants: Entrepreneurs, startups | ...
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CISCO Foundation | Global Impact Cash Grants

| Sectors: Education, economic empowerment, livelihoods | Granting entity: CISCO Foundation | Deadline: Ongoing | Type of support: Cash grants | Funding/benefits: up to 75,000 USD | Applicants: Non profits | Locations: Global Synopsis: CISCO can provide ...
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Abilis Foundation | Ongoing grants available for organizations of people with disabilities in Global South

| Sectors: Inclusion, People with disabilities | Granting entity: Abilis Foundation | Deadline: Ongoing | Type of support: Grants | Funding/benefits: | Applicants: Organizations of people with disabilities (At least 51 % of the board members ...
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Rapid Response Facility| Emergency Funding for Nature in Times of Crisis

| Sectors: Conservancy, Environment, Climate action | Granting entity: Rapid Response Facility (RRF) | Deadline: All year long | Type of support: Grants| Funding/benefits: Up to $40,000 | Applicants: NGOs, ...
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UNCDF | Calls for Proposals

| Sectors: Economic Development, Innovation, Local Development Finance | Granting entity: UNCDF| Deadline: Several | Type of support: Grants / investment | Funding/benefits: Several (Large projects) | Applicants: NGOs & ...
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Global Innovation Fund

| Sector: Social impact | Granting entity: Global Innovation Fund | Deadline: Anytime | Type of support: Grants, loans and equity investments | Funding/benefits: Varies (staged funding approach) | Applicants: ...
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IUCN | Save our Species Grants

| Sector: Biodiversity, Conservancy, Environment, COVID-19 | Granting entity: IUCN / EU | Deadline: Anytime | Type of support: Grant | Funding/benefits: 100,000 Euros | Applicants: NGOs and public entities ...
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DRK | Social Entrepreneurship Grants

| Sector: Social entrepreneurship | Granting entity: Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation | Deadline: Anytime | Type of support: Grants | Funding/benefits: 300,000 USD (DRK investments are distributed twice a year over a ...
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Coca-Cola Foundation | Community Support

| Sectors: Cross-cutting | Granting entity: Coca-Cola Foundation | Deadline: Anytime | Type of support: Community support grants| Funding/benefits: grants, sponsorships, or beverage product | Applicants: NGOs| Locations: Global Synopsis: ...
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Wellcome | Innovator Award

| Sector: Health innovation | Granting entity: Wellcome | Type of support: Award | Funding/benefits: Up to £500,000, or up to £750,000 for multidisciplinary collaborations | Deadline: Anytime | Applicants: Non-for-profit ...
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