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Biopama | COVID-19 Rapid Response Grants related to Biodiversity

| Sectors: Environment (biodiversity, livelihoods, DRR)
| Granting entity: Biopama
| Deadline: December 31
| Type of support: Grant
| Funding/benefits: 50,000 Euros
| Applicants: Public or private legal entities (e.g. a registered/incorporated company or organisation) registered as a separate legal entity in an eligible ACP country
| Locations: Eligible ACP countries

Synopsis: The Rapid Response Grants of the BIOPAMA Action Component are designed to respond to risks and difficulties induced by the COVID-19 crisis in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries. Applications should respond to emergency situations requiring rapid action, rather than proposing programmatic action on long-standing issues. Applications should address one of the main RRGs objectives:

  • Enhanced management and governance of protected or conserved areas.
  • Increased resilience to major shocks and recovery of the protected and conserved areas including sustainable/innovative funding planning.
  • Maintained livelihoods and/or enhanced resilience of local communities to major shocks caused by COVID-19 pandemic, whilst effectively contributing to protected areas. 

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