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Challenge Fund for Youth Employment in South Sudan

| Sectors: Youth development and employment, agriculture and agri-business, new economy (e.g. internet, mobile technology, ECT-based), logistics
Granting entities: Challenge Fund for Youth Employment
| Deadline: Webinar on 18th of March, call to be launched soon
| Type of support: Grants
| Funding/benefits: TBD
| Applicants: Companies and NGOs
| Locations: South Sudan

Synopsis: CFYE has initiated scoping and pipeline development in South Sudan! The Youth of South Sudan has long faced many obstacles in their self-development. With war raging for decades, the economy shattered, educational opportunities few, and jobs fewer still, many youth have not been able to fulfill their life dreams. With South Sudan now entering a new phase, optimism and opportunities are returning. CFYE would like to be in contact with companies and civil society partners that can reach out to youth, developing scalable, private sector-driven solutions empowering youth on the jobs market or as self-employed entrepreneurs or out-growers. We are particularly interested in initiatives offering opportunities and hope to young women.

More information here.

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