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ELRHA | Faecal Sludge Treatment Solutions for Disease Outbreaks in Densely Populated Humanitarian Settings

| Sectors: WASH, Humanitarian aid
| Granting entity: ELRHA
| Deadline: October 12
| Type of support: Grants
| Funding/benefits: £500,000 GBP (suggested £50,000 to £250,000 per project)
| Applicants: Any legally registered entity (eg, INGO, NGO, UN, academic, private company). Applications must include at least one operational humanitarian partner and one academic/research institution. At least one project partner must be from the country(s) or region(s) where your project will take place. 
| Locations: Humanitarian settings

Synopsis: ELRHA is looking for faecal sludge treatment innovations for disease outbreaks in densely populated humanitarian settings. Your innovation should focus on treating at least one specific pathogen that can cause disease outbreaks. We encourage solutions effective at treating multiple pathogens. Projects will be at the Invention or Adaptation stage of humanitarian innovation. Projects at the Invention stage will generate ideas and develop a prototype for early-stage testing. Those at the Adaptation stage will match an existing solution to a new problem and context.   

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