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European Commission | AMIF Funding Call 2020: Complementary pathways for protection and integration

| Sectors: Protection, migration
| Granting entity: The European Commission
| Deadline: 16 February 2021
| Type of support: Grant
| Funding/benefits: EUR 32 700 000 (total budget available)
| Applicants: Public bodies for all topics of this call for proposals, Non-profit-making private entities for all topics of this call for proposals, Profit making entities for topic AMIF-2020-AG-CALL-04 and 06,International organisations32 for topic AMIF-2020-AG-CALL-04 and 06.
| Locations: EU member states

Synopsis: To develop complementary pathways, NGOs, the private sector and international organisations must cooperate closely with national authorities to make existing legal migration channels more accessible to people in need of international protection. Swift integration of newcomers into host societies is integral to the succes of complementary pathways, and requires that all relevant stakeholders work closely together.

With this in mind, this funding topic aims to promote the creation of new places for legal admission and effective integration of people in need of international protection, by designing and implementing complementary pathway programmes which will:

  • facilitate enrolment in European universities;
  • facilitate access to work-related residence permits for individuals with relevant skills for the EU labour market;
  • enable legal and safe family reunification for the beneficiaries of international protection residing in the EU by providing assistance and support;
  • promote new initiatives or improve existing ones led by locally-established actors in the receiving country, e.g. civil society organisations, diaspora communities, local authorities, etc. carried out in cooperation with relevant authorities to establish community sponsorship programmes.

Funding will be granted for such actions as:

  • activities to address the barriers to legal pathways for people in need of international protection;
  • the development of programmes for the admission and subsequent integration of people in need of international protection in Member States, including through tailor-made pre-departure and post-arrival measures;
  • activities to mobilise local support and build strong partnerships between key stakeholders, such as national and local authorities, local communities, employers, unions, higher education institutions, students, diasporas and other private sponsors.

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