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FFA | Call for Agritech startups

| Sectors: Agriculture, food security, innovation
| Granting entities: Founders Factory Africa & Small Foundation
| Deadline: Ongoing
| Type of support: Investment
| Funding/benefits: Up to 300,000 USD
| Applicants: Agtech Startups
| Locations: Sub Saharan Africa

Synopsis: Small Foundation, a Dublin-based philanthropic foundation focused on the rural and agriculture sector, has partnered with Founders Factory Africa to support agtech startups across sub-Saharan Africa. They are looking for innovative African Agtech startups to transform business models and improve the delivery of a range of services to smallholder farmers and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the agricultural sector. They are considering startups across the agricultural value chain addressing bottlenecks in areas such as productivity, postharvest handling, foodtech, data and information, market access, finance, and supply chain management.

They offer two programs: a build program and a scale program.

The Build Program is where they help co-create, build, and help launch new disruptive startups into the market.

The Scale Program is where they help validate ventures take the next leap in their growth trajectory.

Link to application here.

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