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Grand Challenge Canada | Ecosystem Catalyst for Kenyan County Readiness to Demand and Scale Health Innovation

| Sectors: Health technologies, innovation ecosystem
| Granting entities: Grand Challenge Canada
| Deadline: 9 August
| Type of support: Grant
| Funding/benefits: $500,000 CAD over two years
| Applicants: non-profit, for-profit company, research/
academic institution, limited liability companies or any other legal institution incorporated in Sub-Saharan Africa. Applicants incorporated in Kenya will be preferred.
| Locations: Kenya

Synopsis: Grand Challenges Canada supports several portfolios of ready-to-scale innovations designed to meet the health needs of underserved people. Over the past 10 years Grand Challenges Canada has supported innovators advance along their respective public sector scaling pathways by funding and assisting with evidence generation, scale readiness, and strategies to engage effectively with policymakers. These activities have focused on strengthening the supply health innovations. Grand Challenges Canada is now embarking on a two-year journey of testing activities
to strengthen the demand for health innovations

GCC seeks an organization/team to speed significant change or action (“Ecosystem Catalyst”) in the public sector ecosystem in Kenya with the goal of increasing the demand for, and scale of health innovations. The Ecosystem Catalyst will work closely with 2-3 Kenyan county governments, to support their development of sustainable systems that demand, adopt and scale health innovations. The Ecosystem Catalyst is expected to
leverage networks and assets to support county governments to articulate demand and evaluate innovations to enable successful scaling pathways.
Success may include the following outcomes:
• Increase in number of health innovations prioritized for adoption by governments;
• Increase in demand signals for health innovations articulated by government;
• Change in policy or procurement approach that creates greater demand for relevant health innovations;
• Leveraged funds from other partners to support scale of health innovations

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