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Innovation Norway | The Humanitarian Innovation Programme

| Sectors: Humanitarian innovation
| Granting entities: Innovation Norway
| Deadline: 22 June 2023
| Type of support: Innovation grants
| Funding/benefits: 200,000-950,000 USD
| Applicants: UN agencies and/or Norwegian NGOs in consortium with startups and/or NGOs
| Locations: Global

Synopsis: Through its Humanitarian Innovation Programme (HIP Norway), Innovation Norway is looking for bold innovation projects that aim to improve humanitarian action, save lives, alleviate suffering, and sustain people’s dignity. They welcome humanitarian UN agencies and Norwegian humanitarian organisations (NGOs) to submit project proposals.

HIP Norway is looking for bold ideas that seek to improve resilience against natural disasters or improve humanitarian response in conflicts and disasters. The programme supports projects within one or more of the following focus areas:

  • Green humanitarian response: Efforts that contribute to more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions within the humanitarian sector.
  • Health and sanitation: Efforts to ensure lifesaving health services and the provision of facilities and services for the maintenance of hygienic conditions and the safe disposal of human waste.
  • Protection: Efforts that contribute to protecting people from violence, abuse and violation of international law due to humanitarian crises. Applications focusing on protection from sexual and gender-based violence are encouraged.
  • Innovative financing: Innovative financing refers to a number of non-traditional mechanisms for raising additional funds for humanitarian and development assistance. This may be through innovations such as micro-contributions, impact bonds, public-private partnerships and market-based approaches/ business models.

Link to application here.

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