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ISC3 Innovation Challenge on waste management

| Sectors: Climate Action, waste management, sustainable chemistry
| Granting entities: International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre
| Deadline: 19 April
| Type of support: Challenge
| Funding/benefits: 15,000 USD
| Applicants: Companies, startups, social enterprises, entrepreneurs
| Locations: Global

Synopsis: The special focus topic for ISC3 2022 special focus topic is waste management related to renewable energy supply (e.g. recycling/recyclability of batteries, wind power plant blades, PV materials).

The ISC3 Innovation Challenge aims to engage, award, and promote sustainable chemistry innovators and their original solutions based on the belief that the transformation of the chemical sector plays an important role in achieving most of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The current third Innovation Challenge which is the ISC3 Innovation Challenge in Sustainable Chemistry and Waste: Prevention, Valorization & Management, addresses innovators from around the world that are developing solutions in these topical areas:

Waste prevention

  • Avoiding and reducing the environmental impact of waste
  • Avoiding and reducing waste via resource-efficient chemical and biotechnological production
  • Closing molecule, material, and energy cycles
  • Substituting crucial product ingredients that prevent recycling
  • Product design for longevity and better recyclability
  • Durability and resilience

Waste valorization

  • Waste reclamation
  • Recovery and reuse of waste streams: electronic waste, plastic and other materials waste, agricultural and food waste, production waste, construction waste, wastewater, and other waste streams
  • Recycling, beneficial reuse, value recovery
  • Business models facilitating waste collection and valorization
  • Energy and scarce element recovery

Waste management

  • Safe and sound management of waste
  • Waste and waste-water treatment
  • Harmful substances in materials and products
  • Collection, transport, treatment, disposal, monitoring, and regulation

Link to application here.

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