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Japan Fund for Global Environment 2021 grant cycle

| Sectors: Environment, climate change, biodiversity
Granting entity: Japan Fund for Global Environment (JFGE)
| Deadline: 2 December
| Type of support: Grants
| Funding/benefits: up to ~60,000 USD
| Applicants: NGOs and NPOs working on environmental conservation
| Locations: Implemented in developing countries and areas

[** Note: Non-Japanese organizations must have a contract with an agent (individual or organization) for applying JFGE Grants (if you are looking for a Japanese agent, you can contact Mindset-PCS at for more information.]

Synopsis: Japan Fund for Global Environment (JFGE) provides grant to Non Governmental Organization (NGO)/Non Profit Organization (NPO) engaged in environmental activities.

Environmental NGOs/NPOs play an essential role in creating the future desirable environment. They will connect individual voices, efforts, and actions, to win society’s sympathy, and expand a “chain of action” through on-site activities. The expansion of a “chain of action” is required in many different areas or stages—from local levels based on each unique life, culture, and economy to global levels based on the relationship of
various people of different cultures. The projects of each environmental NGOs/NPOs at the core of the “chain of action” also are
expected to be vary. The JFGE will contribute to create sustainable societies through supporting efforts of these environmental NGO/NPOs and
facilitating collaboration with other donors, entrepreneurs, and governments. Through this work the JFGE will help to steward an earth that will become the basis of well-being for future generations.

Conservation projects must fall into following categories are eligible;
a. Nature protection, conservation and restoration
b. Forest conservation and tree/grass planting
c. Anti-desertification
d. Agriculture of environmental conservation type
e. Mitigation and adaptation to climate change
f. Building of a recycle-oriented society
g. Air, water and soil conservation
h. Comprehensive environmental education
i. Comprehensive environmental conservation projects
j. Restoration projects
k. Other environmental conservation projects

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