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MIT Solve | Global Challenges

| Sectors: Multiple
| Granting entities: MIT Solve
| Deadline:  9 May 2023
| Type of support: Challenges
| Funding/benefits: 1 million USD
| Applicants: Startups, social enterprises
| Locations: Global

Synopsis: MIT Solve’s Global Challenges seek social entrepreneurs who are using technology to solve today’s most pressing problems. Those selected as a Solver team join our nine-month support program, receive access to over $1 million in funding, grants, and investments, join a powerful network of impact-minded leaders, receive coaching and strategic advice from experts, and gain exposure in the media, among many other benefits. 

Solve’s 2023 Global Challenges are:

  1. Financial Inclusion
  2. Health in Fragile Contexts
  3. Learning for Civic Action
  4. Climate Adaptation & Low-Carbon Housing
  5. As part of the Global Challenges, Solve is also opening applications for the sixth annual Indigenous Communities Fellowship, which looks for Indigenous innovators in the US and Canada.

Link to application here.

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