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MIT Solve | Resilient Ecosystems

| Sectors: Technology and Innovation, environment, biodiversity, Disaster Risk Reduction, Community Resilience
| Granting entities: MIT Solve
| Deadline: 16 June
| Type of support: Challenge
| Funding/benefits: 10,000 USD (And access to other prizes)
| Applicants: NGOs, social enterprises, startups
| Locations: Global

Synopsis: The MIT Solve community is looking for technology-based solutions that help communities restore, sustain, and benefit from resilient ecosystems. To that end, Solve seeks solutions that: 

  • Preserve and restore carbon-rich ecosystems and biodiversity hotspots, whether terrestrial, coastal, or marine.
  • Provide scalable and verifiable monitoring and data collection to track ecosystem conditions, such as biodiversity, carbon stocks, or productivity.
  • Aggregate local projects to enable access to financial capital for ecosystem services such as natural hazard mitigation, water quality, and carbon storage.
  • Create scalable economic opportunities for local communities, including fishing, timber, tourism, and regenerative agriculture, that are aligned with thriving and biodiverse ecosystems.

Link to application here.

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