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Nivi | Chat for Change Challenge

| Sectors: Digital health
| Granting entities: Nivi, Inc., USAID
| Deadline: 30 April
| Type of support: Competition
| Funding/benefits: Package of services and opportunities for scale
| Applicants: for-profit companies, NGOs, and other organizations registered in the countries
| Locations: Kenya, Nigeria, India

Synopsis: Nivi, Inc., through a grant from USAID, will offer four organizations the opportunity to accelerate their user engagement with a 12-month fee-free subscription to the askNivi chatbot platform in Nigeria, Kenya or India.

Chat for Change is a competition to award multiple $100,000 credits to select organizations for subscriptions and marketing on Nivi’s user engagement and insights platform, supporting reproductive and maternal health information & services and vaccine hesitancy in India, Kenya, and Nigeria. Winning organizations will have a no-fee subscription for 12 months, unlocking tools to optimize user engagement and improve behavior change, product sales, service uptake and adherence. Thanks to funding from USAID, not only will winners have immediate access to a pre-established user network, they will also be able to use Nivi Insights—a dashboard for analyzing user feedback—to:

  • Gain a better understanding of their target audience
  • Hone current and future communication for increased engagement
  • Assess, alter, or rebrand products & services to maximize client retention and satisfaction

Link to application here.

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