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RLO-to-RLO fund | Refugee-led funding for refugee-led programs

| Sectors: Forced displacement, refugees, localization
| Granting entities: RLO-to-RLO fund
| Deadline: 4 March
| Type of support: Grants
| Funding/benefits: 25,000 USD – 250,000 USD
| Applicants: Refugee-led organizations
| Locations: Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Lebanon, or Uganda

Synopsis: The first-of-its-kind RLO-to-RLO Fund is a fund for refugees by refugees. The fund will aggregate contributions and redistribute them to RLOs around the world.

The purpose of the RLO-to-RLO fund is to catalyze the growth and sustainability of community-led responses to forced displacement situations within key designated countries. We believe that when community-driven efforts are well-resourced, community wellbeing will grow. 

Furthermore, the RLO-to-RLO Fund aims to facilitate greater involvement of RLOs and their leaders in strategizing and decision-making processes that impact community wellbeing, including those owned or facilitated by others, e.g. host community NGOs, INGOs, governments and donors. When RLOs are influencing and educating powerful institutions, the resulting responses to displacement situations will be more impactful. In this way, the fund seeks broad systems change and challenges current power dynamics that exclude RLOs.

Link to application here.

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