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SEEDS India | Funding for innovation for Heat Waves and Cold Waves challenges in India

| Sectors: Climate change, localization of innovation
Granting entity: SEEDS India
| Deadline: 31 January
| Type of support: Grant
| Funding/benefits: 20,000 GBP
| Applicants: A legally registered national NGO or social enterprise based in India
| Locations: India

Synopsis: The purpose of this initiative, a partnership between SEEDS, ADRRN Tokyo Innovation Hub (ATIH) and Elrha’s Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF), is to support the development of local solutions to humanitarian challenges. They are seeking to support local innovation to address challenges relating to heat waves and cold waves in India.

SEEDS India invites applications from groups/teams that hope to gain a better understanding of a problem that they are trying to tackle, in order to develop new and improved products and services for managing heat waves or cold waves.

This application process is to participate in a series of online workshops, which comprise the first phase of the initiative. We are looking for 10 groups to participate in the workshop process. The workshops are designed to guide participants through a process of understanding problems and developing potential solutions.

Following the workshops, there will be an opportunity for each of the participating groups to apply for funding up to £20,000 (per group) to further explore their ideas over a 9-month period. Funding will be awarded to up to 4 groups with the most promising and achievable idea.

Link to application.

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