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TFF Digital Labs | Global food and agriculture tech challenge

| Sectors: Food security, agriculture, innovation
| Granting entities: Thought for Food, EAT, IDEO, Rockefeller Foundation
| Deadline: 28 May
| Type of support: Challenge
| Funding/benefits: 30,000 USD + networking + technical support + visibility and other benefits
| Applicants: Entrepreneurs
| Locations: Global

Synopsis: “How to feed 10 billion people by 2050 on a hotter planet?” This is the biggest challenge facing our future, and we need answers now. The TFF Challenge is the world’s most diverse and impact-focused innovation competition in food and agriculture. It is seeking all kinds of solutions at every stage (ideation through to investment ready) from everywhere in the world.

EAT, IDEO, Thought For Food, and The Rockefeller Foundation have joined forces to build an interactive and experiential program that supports the goals of the 2021 UN Food Food Systems Summit. Individuals, teams, research groups, small and large companies, cooperatives, networks, solution-builders of all ages are invited to take part

Link to application here.

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