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UN-STI Forum 2021 | Call for Innovations

| Sectors: Innovation
Granting entities: Global Innovation Exchange, United Nations
| Deadline: 26 March
| Type of support: Exhibition/Forum
| Funding/benefits:  Invitation to participate into the virtual UN STI Forum with Global Innovation Exchange
| Applicants: Entrepreneurs, organizations, innovators
| Locations: Global

Synopsis: The STI Forum 2021 Call for Innovations is initiated by the United Nations in collaboration with Global Innovation Exchange at Results for Development

STI Forum 2021 is looking for innovations that have been effective in addressing any indirect impacts of COVID-19 in a developing country as opposed to direct response (i.e. vaccine development, rapid testing, personal protective equipment (PPE)) and that fit into one of the below categories:

  1. Innovations that focus on essential nutrition and healthcare services, particularly HIV, tuberculosis, and maternal, newborn and child healthcare services. (SDG 2 & SDG 3)
  2. Education innovations to reduce the inequalities COVID-19 has placed on students from low socioeconomic households. (SDG 4)
  3. Innovations that respond or prevent gender-based violence or intimate partner violence (SDG 5). 
  4. Innovations that focus on vulnerable and marginalized populations that have been hit hardest by the pandemic including older persons, persons with disabilities, children, women, migrants and refugees, and indigenous populations (SDG 1SDG 10). 

The Forum is looking for locally-led Innovations that are providing impactful solutions with the potential to create sustained change in the communities that they serve. It is not interested in innovations that are “top-down” or “solutions looking for a problem” but instead innovations that have been developed by local innovators or implemented in partnership with local ecosystem partners, and in consultation with potential end-users.

Link to application here.

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