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Water and Energy for Food | Call for Innovations in South and Southeast Asia

| Sectors: Food security, agriculture, water, energy
| Granting entities: Water and Energy for Food (WE4F)
| Deadline: 12 November
| Type of support: Grants
| Funding/benefits: 25,000 USD – 200,000 USD
| Applicants: Startups with revenue stream, NGOs
| Locations: South East Asia

Synopsis: WE4F is a second-generation Grand Challenge for Development that capitalizes on the learnings from Powering Agriculture: An Energy Grand Challenge for Development (PAEGC) and Securing Water for Food (SWFF).  The program aims to address the above-described trends and challenges “traditional” development cooperation to generate new modalities and solutions. WE4F hopes to expand the scale of innovations that impact the sectors food and water, food and energy or all three sectors of the nexus (food, water, energy) to increase the sustainability of agricultural food value chains, improving energy and water efficiency as well as to improve climate resilient agriculture and sustainable management of natural resources and biodiversity in developing countries and emerging markets, with a particular focus on the poor and women.

They are looking for organizations with a track record of successful sales and intending to expand their businesses commercially, using a sustainable model. The organizations will benefit from the technical assistance provided to scale up their business and attract private capital. The WE4F grant funding can also be used as a catalyst to attract investors and improve/expand their business. If you have a commercially proven product, service, or sustainable model that you would pitch to an investor for debt or equity investment, we invite you to apply to WE4F. However, WE4F is probably not the right vehicle for you if you have a great idea for a development project but no track record of successful sales.

WE4F works with entrepreneurship and innovation through the following actors, who are defined as “organizations”:

  • Private, for-profit companies that a major part of their business model and innovation addresses the nexus of water-energy-food.
  • Non-profits, non-governmental organizations or universities which maintain their own budget, are able to generate revenue and that do this by commercializing an innovative product or service that addresses the nexus of water-energy-food.
  • Other actors that are identified on a case-by-case basis by the Regional Innovation Hub and which fit the criteria of WE4F and are crucial for the scaling of impacts.

WE4F expects to target poor women and men smallholder farmers and others working in all parts of the agriculture value chain. Specifically, our interventions will help organizations providing nexus-relevant products and services reach women and the poor as commercial customers, equipping them with the means to achieve greater earnings and social mobility.  

WE4F is looking for organizations with scalable products or services that address the below themes:

  • THEME 1: Innovations in food production to reduce water usage
  • THEME 2: Efficient use of water resources for food production
  • THEME 3: Sustainable use of energy and water on farms
  • THEME 4: Energy innovations for food processing, and/or logistics
  • THEME 5: Food production with efficient energy use
  • THEME 6: Leveraging food waste for energy

Link to application here.

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