You are a humanitarian worker, a development practitioner, a social activist, a serial entrepreneur, a dreamer, a believer and you are full of ideas. You do not know where to start, where to look, where to go. Mindset-pcs is here to accompany you in the incredible journey of creativity, creation and invention for social impact. You have the ideas. We have the tools. The connection. The entry points…and the experience!

Likewise, if you want to enter the inspiring world of international development and humanitarian action, we can show you where to look and where to start. Or, if you feel you are going in circles in your professional career and want to explore new options within the field of humanitarian action, international development and social activism, talk to us. We have our ways – and they are pretty cool!

We cannot wait to brainstorm with you and put all the pieces of the puzzle together!


Solutions for institutions and practitioners:

  • Coaching you and your team to turn ideas into concrete action plans.
  • Connecting you to other amazing practitioners, entrepreneurs, do’ers and leaders worldwide.
  • Connecting you to the money. Yes, we know where it is…
  • Developing personalized training for you and your team for you to make it happen!
  • Coaching for professional career development in humanitarian and international social and economic development.


Passionate and creative individuals and/or teams who, like us, are interested in going beyond our own selves and embrace “the big picture”.

Students, young professionals, mid-career professionals, retired professionals, career changers: it is always the best time to start making a difference!