“Committing to the highest global standards and best practices"

Our 10 commitments

  1. 1. Understanding the true humanistic nature of our work: we commit to fully and genuinely take into account, in all our endeavors, the ‘humanistic purpose’ which is to protect life and ensure respect for human beings, with particular attention to women, the youth, children, the elderly, people with disabilities, pregnant and lactating mothers, displaced communities, and survivors of violence.
  2. 2. Do no harm: we commit to fully and genuinely consider the specific social, cultural, political, economic dynamics and norms of each different context where our clients work – making sure to understand the dividers and connectors in each location. All activities respect and promote the rights, dignity and safety of all stakeholders.
  3. 3. Gender sensitivity, inclusiveness and non-discrimination: we commit to address the specific needs of different demographic groups, including: women, children, People with disability, the elderly, adolescent girls, pregnant and lactating mothers etc. without distinction based on nationality, race, gender, religious belief, class, disability status, circumstances or political opinions.
  4. 4. Accountability to affected populations: We recognize that the people and communities are at the center of humanitarian, development and social work. We promote an approach according to which programs and services are not only developed in full cooperation with, but genuinely led by, people and communities.
  5. 5. Sustainability and local ownership (and we mean it!): we place a paramount emphasize on understanding desired change with our partners, people and communities to reach long-term meaningful impact. We focus on building partnerships and reinforcing local capacities globally.
  6. 6. Environment: Protecting environmental resources in humanitarian and development programming is imperative. We all share the responsibility to preserve tomorrow’s generations. It starts today with our environment-friendly solutions!
  7. 7. Compliance with international standards in humanitarian settings: we abide by international standards and global best practices, including SPHERE and IASC standards in humanitarian settings.
  8. 8. Responsiveness: Our services remain flexible and adaptable to evolving needs and circumstances.
  9. 9. Duty of care and professionalism: being a humanitarian or development practitioner is a profession. Mindset-pcs’s advisors have extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in people-centered solutions in fragile and complex environments. They abide by the highest levels of professionalism and ethics. Our solutions are evidence- and knowledge-based, and reflect international standards and global best practices.
  10. 10. Zero-tolerance against abuse of power: throughout our services, we commit to a zero-tolerance approach against sexual exploitation and abuse, child exploitation and modern slavery, as well as emotional abuse and harassment towards all stakeholders, including: staff, partners, clients, and communities. We strive to provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for all and optimize everyone’s potential.  Mindset-pcs is committed to work with individuals, partners, suppliers that abide to such rules.