Organizational & institutional strategies

Effective and efficient international programming requires a solid governance and management structure in place.

To disburse humanitarian and development grants, international donors and investors first assess the capacity of organizations and companies to absorb substantial amounts of funding and effectively manage sustainable programs.  Applicant organizations and companies must demonstrate solid organizational abilities to implement programs in fragile and complex environments.

Mindset-PCS works with your organizations and companies to identify your strengths and areas of development, and define, with you, your best pathway to success.


We lead organizations in the process of strengthening their strategies and structures to respond more effectively to constantly adapting global best practices and standards.

  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational assessments and compliance reviews
  • Development of governance frameworks 
  • Development of organizational identity and vision

Clients requesting such services include:

NGOs seeking to reinforce their organizational structure, vision and strategy for more cost-effective, transparent, effective and efficient management.

Governmental and inter-governmental agencies seeking to evaluate their practice and reinforce internal mechanisms (such as coordination, communication or reporting mechanisms).

Private companies looking to strengthen their due diligence and compliance requirements and apply to international funding.

Donor institutions interested in reviewing and strengthening their funding allocation strategies.