Partnerships & fundraising


Mindset-pcs believes that donors can and should play a central role in creating a momentum for global best practices and encouraging institutions and practitioners to “think and do social and international programming” differently. Likewise, institutions and practitioners have a responsibility to bring donors closer to the complex realities of the “field”. Together, we should aim at building a community of global best practices continuously learning from one another.

Mindset-pcs strongly believes in the role that the private sector can and should play in sustainable development. Throughout our services, we promote cross-sectoral partnerships between private entities (start-ups and companies), NGOs, governmental/inter-governmental agencies and academia (research centers and universities). Together, we have a stronger capacity to tackle global development challenges and opportunities.


  • Partnerships and donors mapping.
  • Linking with key governmental and non-governmental entities in countries of operation.
  • Linking with international donors.
  • Accompaniment and technical support in identification of international bidding processes and proposal drafting for institutional donors.
  • Training in proposal drafting, and international funding mechanisms.
  • Working with donors to set high standards, best practices and compliance mechanisms (e.g. developing compliance methods for donors’ grant-making processes).
  • Developing partnerships with national and local entities including civil society and governmental authorities.
  • Advising companies in their penetration and scale strategies in humanitarian and development settings and linking them with relevant actors.

Clients requesting such services include:

NGOs seeking to build partnerships with local entities, international institutions and the private sector, and to access international funding mechanisms.

Governmental and inter-governmental agencies seeking to build partnerships with implementing partners.

Private companies looking for NGO and governmental partners to test, validate and scale innovative solutions addressing global development and humanitarian challenges.

Donor institutions  seeking to assess recipient organizations and/or strengthen their philanthropic strategies.