“Embracing Diversity and Professionalism”

Mindset-PCS works with creative and experienced advisors from diverse backgrounds and specialized in the design, implementation and evaluation of programs in the humanitarian-development-peacebuilding continuum. Our advisors abide to the highest international standards and best practices and commit to fulfill, apply and advocate these values through their work.

Co-Managing Director, Senior advisor in peace, security and human rights.

Through her work, Ophelie advocates for a community-design approach that highlights people’s resilience, assets, strengths and opportunities. She believes that a genuine approach to social, humanitarian and international development programming combines an impermeable pledge to global standards and best practices, a solid commitment to duty of care, strong ethics, a fair degree of flexibility, an authentic people-centered approach, and innovative thinking. Ophelie is a strong advocate for evidence- and research-based programming that fully reflects the social, cultural, economic and political norms and dynamics of each specific context.

Ophelie has been working and studying in the fields of international law, diplomacy, human rights, international development and humanitarian assistance for the past 13 years. Her main area of interest and expertise is institutional development in conflict and post-conflict settings in security sector reform and gender, with a regional focus on Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa.

Ophelie holds a Master in International Law (LLM) from the University of Amsterdam as well as a Master of International Affairs from the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) of Columbia University. She has 4+ years of experience at several United Nations Headquarters in the Hague, Geneva and New York combined with 8+ years of field experience in Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa – including 5+ years in South Sudan, Ophelie’s second home.

Senior advisor in communication for development

Miki is Mindset-pcs’s eyes! In other words, Miki is our communication for development senior advisor. Miki is a documentary photographer, a design thinker and a trainer who advocates for ethical visualization of humanitarian and development contexts. He is committed to delivering stories of individuals and communities in respectful and impactful ways, favoring the nuanced details and utilizing creative means of storytelling. With more than ten years of experience documenting and reporting humanitarian response and development programs around the world, his services include: producing meaningful, safe, and ethical documentary photography and video clips, running campaigns, print collaterals and managing social channels and websites, as well as advice and support on design thinking, advocacy and training. Over the past 10 years, Miki has worked with individuals, families, and communities in complex settings, depicting their stories, portraying their strengths, documenting their resilience and highlighting opportunities. At Mindset-pcs, Miki utilizes his extensive field experience, his understanding of programmatic factors and inherent challenges, as well as international standards and global best practices, to advise organizations on the most ethical and meaningful ways to vehicle and portray positive and people-centered images and messages in humanitarian and development contexts.

In addition to our core team, our pool of advisors is divided into core thematic areas:

Social Development, Human Rights and protection

Sustainable livelihoods & climate resilience

Public Health

Water, Sanitation & hygiene

Communication for Development

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning

Humanitarian innovation