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Japan Embassy in Uganda | Grants for NGOs


Education | Health | Humanitarian | Gender | Livelihoods | Food security


Education | Health | Humanitarian | Gender | Livelihoods | Food security


July 31, 2024




~140,000 USD



Japan Embassy in Uganda |  Grants for NGOs




The aim of GGP is to provide financial assistance to non-profit, development-oriented organizations to support community development projects which directly benefit people at the grassroots level.

Any projects geared towards grassroots assistance are eligible for financing under GGP. Preferable, however, are projects in the areas below. Particular attention will also be given to projects designed to assist the most vulnerable groups such as women, children and the physically disabled:

  • Primary/secondary education

  • Vocational training

  • Primary health care, reproductive health and HIV/AIDS

  • Water and sanitation

  • Reconstruction for disaster areas

  • Agricultural development

Any non-profit organisation with 1) a minimum of two (2) years of experience in implementing development projects at a grassroots level, 2) full-time paid staff and 3) legal status is eligible to apply for GGP. Potential recipients are international or local NGOs, community based organizations, medical institutions, educational institutions and local authorities/governments. In particular cases such as IDP camps or refugee settlements where assistance activities are limited, international organizations may also become recipients. 

GGP funds are provided to the recipient organization after examination and evaluation of each application on an annual project-by-project basis. The grant amount per project is generally under 20 million yen (Approximately US$139,650 with the exchange rate of USD/JPY=143.22, please note that the exchange rate will fluctuate). Budget items which cannot be financed include: consumables (except in case of emergency or humanitarian relief), running and maintenance costs of facilities and equipment, and administrative costs of the recipient organization.

For more information & application, click here.

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