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The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives


Governance | Climate | Peace | Gender | Economic resilience | Humanitarian


Governance | Climate | Peace | Gender | Economic resilience | Humanitarian


December 31, 2024




30,000 CAD


Local NGOs

The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives


Diverse countries


The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) provides funding for small-scale, high-impact projects in more than 120 countries eligible for official development assistance (ODA). The CFLI has an annual programming budget of $26.8 million, with projects averaging $31,000 each. Projects are planned and implemented mainly by local organizations, and are selected and approved by the relevant Canadian Embassy or High Commission.

The CFLI is a unique fund in that most projects are designed and implemented by small, local civil-society organizations. These organizations understand local needs and priorities and are often best placed to respond to them. This increases the overall impact of projects and strengthens engagement in issues that are important to the prosperity and well-being of local communities.

The CFLI funds approximately 650 projects annually. This includes a range of initiatives from training local election monitors, to improving community resiliency to the effects of climate change, to supporting women’s inclusion in local peace negotiations.

By supporting local groups that may not otherwise qualify for funding from larger donors, the CFLI is also helping local civil-society organizations to flourish and succeed.

CFLI projects focus on issues such as:

  • Inclusive governance, including diversity, democracy, human rights, 2SLGBTQI+ rights and the rule of law.

  • Gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.

  • Peace & security, with a focus on conflict prevention and building peace.

  • Growth that works for everyone, including women’s economic rights, decent jobs and entrepreneurship, investing in the poorest and most vulnerable, and safeguarding economic gains.

  • Environment & climate action, focusing on adaptation and mitigation, as well as on water management.

  • Human dignity, covering health, education and nutrition.

The CFLI also provides modest financing for projects in response to natural disasters and humanitarian emergencies.

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