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Are you a startup tackling some of the world’s most pressing social, humanitarian and environmental challenges? Are you eager to pilot or scale your solution in new settings? Are you seeking new partnerships that will take your innovation to the next level? Are you looking for new sources of funding to amplify your vision?


This page is for you!


Discover here how you can tap into our unparalleled global network and multidisciplinary expertise to pilot and scale your solution with ground-breaking partnerships with NGOs, international organizations, Development Finance Institutions, the private sector, academia, and others.

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Do you want to ensure your innovation is actually needed and relevant?

This is what we can do with you.

Any other ideas and needs? Talk to us!

Review and advise on your impact innovation strategy (e.g. theory of change)

Conduct problem analysis and assess the feasibility

of your solution

Conduct ecosystem analysis to examine if your innovation is relevant to

a particular setting

Develop user engagement strategies to assess the desirability, feasibility and accessibility of your innovationyour work

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