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Our continuing partnership with Google for sustainable development

Updated: May 22

Project: Ongoing advisory support on innovation & partnerships for sustainable development

Sector: SDG innovation

Partner: Google startups for sustainable development

Location:  Global

Date: September 2019 - ongoing

Credit: Google


In 2019, Google contacted Mindset-PCS to support the establishment of Google's first ever SDG innovation program. For the past 5 years, this is what we have been doing together:

  • Supported the development of impact-related content for the first SDG accelerator launched in 2020 with 10 impact startups & supported the 10 startups with fundraising & partnerships needs (e.g. facilitated partnerships between the startups, Google, and UN agencies).

  • Supported the development of the impact-related content for the SDG advisor program launched in 2021

  • Facilitated 25+ training courses for 400+ startups on:

    • Partnering with the UN and NGOs in the sustainable development space

    • Fundraising in the sustainable development space

    • Drafting successful grants in the sustainable development space

    • Various geographical and technical topics

  • Built and managed a pool of 40+ senior external advisors appointed to provide high-level technical support to the program's startups on impact-related topics (e.g. geographical, sectoral expertise + fundraising & partnerships + impact measurement).

  • Facilitated 20+ partnerships between Google and global sustainable development actors.

  • Organized various SDG-related events and community activities.


“Ophelie has been our Mindset-PCS Consultant for the Google for Startups SDG programs since early 2020. As our go-to expert, Ophelie regularly shares her immense knowledge with our team, facilitates valuable workshops for our startups, and connects us to advisors across the global SDG ecosystem. Notably, she does so with enthusiasm, professionalism and a can-do attitude, bringing not only vast expertise but also her upbeat energy to every interaction. We are very lucky to have found a true partner in Ophelie, who helps us navigate the complexities of sustainable development as we work together to accelerate social Innovators worldwide.” Mor Hazan Taege, former manager of Google’s SDG accelerator.

“Wow, Eliana was very sharp, super skilled, and had the experience to give us immediate results with fantastic advice. Can't recommend her enough, this was really rewarding.” Startup receiving support from Mindset-PCS advisor, Eliana Summer Galai, Google startups for Sustainable Development.

“Adrian did exactly what we hoped Google would do, brought in targeted contacts, gave great advice, and cross-pollinated us with other startups solving the same problems. Super happy.” Startup receiving support from Mindset-PCS advisor, Adrian Dongus, Google startups for Sustainable Development.

Our opinion:

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which sets out the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) envisions a “revitalized global partnership for sustainable development” based on the understanding that the UN and governments do not have the reach nor the resources to achieve the Goals alone. Finding durable solutions to current growing challenges requires far more than ad hoc solutions designed to address specific issues. Systemic approaches are needed to tackle structural vulnerabilities and reduce the negative effect of growing shocks and stresses on people, institutions, and systems. Creative and bold partnerships beyond the ‘traditional’ social, environmental, and humanitarian ecosystem – especially with the private sector – provide an opportunity to build new and more sustainable practices to address the world’s most pressing challenges.


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