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REPORT: Designing health innovation programs in Low and Middle Income Countries

Updated: Jun 16

Project: Publication of research on designing health innovation programs in Low and Middle Income Countries

Sector: Health | Innovation


Location:  Sub-Saharan Africa (Focus on Ethiopia & South Africa)

Date: April-June 2021

Credits: Joint-JDC


Despite evident progress toward the achievement of SDG3 and other health-related SDGs, much remains to be done to produce the desired health outcomes, and address the persistent inequalities and barriers to quality, accessible, safe, and universal health care services in LICs and MICs. COVID-19 has further exacerbated pre-existing vulnerabilities, slowed progress, and created new challenges. As such, innovative solutions – products, processes, and business models – are needed to accelerate progress, address emerging challenges, and tackle the many barriers faced by communities, healthcare providers, and systems in these regions.

Mindset-PCS is proud to share its publication with The Joint (JDC) on health innovation programing in Low and Middle Income Countries - with a specific focus on Ethiopia and South Africa.

The research includes an overall analysis of best practices, challenges and gaps on health innovation in LMICs, as well as core recommendations for enhanced programming.

You can access the report here.


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