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TIPS: Community philanthropy resources for NGOs

Updated: Jun 24

Let's talk community philanthropy ! 💰👩🏾‍👩🏾‍👦🏾‍👦🏾

Only 1.2% of humanitarian funding went directly to local NGOs in 2022 – a difference of nearly 40,000% with international NGOs.

So, how can we, in the humanitarian sector, genuinely promote these #powershifts#paradigmshifts#systemshifts and all the other hashtag shifts we are articulating so well but struggle to turn into action?

At Mindset-PCS (People-Centered Solutions), we believe, together with the many community-led organizations we have the privilege to work with, that #communityphilanthropy is part of the answer.

Community philanthropy leverages community resources and capabilities.

Community philanthropy is NOT new, but the humanitarian sector has not yet fully optimized its potential.

Community philanthropy can help local NGOs to:

✔️ not rely only on ‘traditional’ aid funding that is painfully not coming

✔️ obtain more flexible and trust-based funding 

✔️ advance real system change

✔️ join more equitably the decision-making table with some added leverage

Below is an initial list of community philanthropy actors and resources to get started:

Community philanthropy and participatory grant-making:

🚀RLO-to-RLO fund (for refugee-led organizations)

🚀Ampflify change (for community-led programs on sexual and reproductive health)

🚀The Youth Climate Justice Fund (for youth climate activist groups)

🚀Edge fund (for community organizations and grassroots networks)

🚀Fundaction (activist-led participatory grantmaking fund)

🚀The funding network (crowdfunding for small non profits driving social change)

Community philanthropy promoting women's and girls' rights:

👯‍♀️ Global Fund for Women

👯‍♀️ Indigenous women fund

Other directions:

💡Local associations such as local rotary clubs

💡 Diasporic networks


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