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TOOLKITS: Integrating GBV Risk Mitigation into humanitarian program cycle with UNICEF

Updated: Jun 16

Project: Review of the integration of GBV Risk Mitigation into humanitarian program cycle

Sector: GBV | WASH | Child protection | Education | Nutrition

Partner: UNICEF

Location:  Global

Date: April - December 2021


Ophelie Namiech from Mindset-PCS - with the valuable support of Miki Noam Alon and Hannah Friedland - was commissioned to conduct a comprehensive review of how Gender-Based Violence Risk Mitigation (GBVRM) is being integrated by UNICEF-led clusters and AoR (WASH, nutrition, education, and child protection) through the Humanitarian Program Cycle in 31 humanitarian settings.

Key deliverables:

Various outputs were produced that can help humanitarian practitioners better integrate GBV risk mitigation measures into their programs to more effectively identify and mitigate risks and obstacles faced by women and girls when accessing humanitarian services, activities, and information, and overall improve the outcomes of people-centered programming:

  1. 4 evaluation reports of GBV risk mitigation integration across the 4 UNICEF-led clusters and AoR

  2. 4 GBV risk mitigation toolkits for UNICEF-led clusters

  3. 1 Comprehensive communication plan for UNICEF to accelerate its advocay work on GBVRM.

The GBV risk mitigation toolkits for UNICEF-led clusters are available in both English and French on website:

🚸 CHILD PROTECTION (click on links below to access):

✔️ GBV risk mitigation toolkit in english

🚺 WASH (click on links below to access): 

🏫 EDUCATION (click on links below to access):

🍏 NUTRITION (click on links below to access):

The great design and conceptualization is from our one and only Mickey Noam-Alon.


“It is my pleasure to recommend Ophelie Namiech and team from Mindset-PCS for any project involving research, evaluation, programme development, strategic thinking in humanitarian settings [...] Ophelie and team consistently demonstrated [a] systematic approach combined with a very thoughtful emphasis on ethics and the experience/implications for those involved. [...] Ophelie and team were incredibly thoughtful and forward-looking in their approach. They asked the right questions at the right time, which helped tailor the final products and messages to “speak” to the target audience. [...] Their proactive, yet unintrusive, approach made the overall process very smooth and pleasant for all involved. [...] I have always found Ophelie and team to be highly collaborative, flexible and responsive to suggestions. It is a pleasure to work with them. [...] In short, my experiences working with Ophelie have always exceeded expectations and I recommend her without reservation.” Christine Heckman, UNICEF, Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies Senior Specialist, UNICEF.

Our opinion: Genuine efforts to integrate risks and obstacles faced by women and girls when accessing humanitarian service are not limited to gender specialists and should be the concern of all humanitarian practitioners. It is about quality programming. And as such, all sectors should thrive to integrate GBVRM measures in their programs.


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