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REPORT: Women livelihoods & resilience in complex & volatile environments

Updated: Jun 16

Project: Research published on women livelihoods & resilience in complex & volatile environment

Sector: Gender | Livelihoods | Community resilience


Location:  Global

Date: November 2020

Credits: Joint-JDC


We are happy to share with you our report on 'Women's livelihoods and resilience in complex and volatile environments - A best practices analysis' commissioned by JOINT-JDC.

As the nature of emergencies is rapidly changing and global development challenges are becoming more pressing than ever, women are particularly at risk of bearing the harmful social and economic price of recurring shocks and stresses.

There is a need, therefore, to identify effective, sustainable, cost-effective and innovative practices to strengthen the capacity of women to reduce risks and vulnerabilities, while preserving and strengthening their rights, dignity, livelihoods and overall well-being.

The objectives of the analysis are:

  1. To better understand the extended livelihood challenges and opportunities faced by women in complex and volatile environments.

  2. To identify and reflect on global best practices and lessons learned.

The ultimate goal is to help humanitarian-development agencies design innovative and high quality programs that exert a significant and sustainable impact on the social and economic well-being of women, their families and communities worldwide.

We recommend this report for organizations and practitioners supporting livelihoods activities in the Global South.

Happy reading! We hope you will enjoy it!

Access the report here.


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