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TIPS: Workshop for impact startups on obtaining funding from calls for proposals

Updated: Jun 16

Project: Workshop for impact startups on how to obtain funding from calls for proposals in the SDG innovation space

Sectors:  SDG innovation

Partners: Google

Location:  Global

Date: Many times


How to obtain funding from calls for proposals in the SDG innovation space?

This is the 'one million dollars' question, Mindset-PCS and Google discussed last week during a workshop aimed at 30+ impact startups working towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Calls for proposals is one way -  among other channels -  to obtain funding from institutional partners in the humanitarian and development sectors (for more information about securing direct institutional partnerships see past blog post here).

The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities out there!

The lesser good news is that this channel requires a lot of work, time investment, and does not always lead to results - especially for start-ups that are not necessarily familiar with the specific requirements, jargons, codes, and priorities of the humanitarian and development sector. But experience demonstrates that there are concrete means to secure funding through calls for proposals.

A lot has to do with patience, strategy, networks and ‘politics’, and a bit of mind-blowing writing.

As such, during the workshop, we discussed:

  1. where to find grants;

  2. how to prioritize and develop effective grant writing strategies; and

  3. draft splendid proposals!

We are sharing with you here some of the top recommendations that were addressed during the workshop.

For more information or to receive the complete ‘fundraising and partnerships support package for start-ups’ contact us.


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