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TIPS: Workshops for impact startups on partnering with SDG actors

Updated: Jun 17

Project: Workshop for impact startups on securing partnership with global institutional actors in the humanitarian and international development space

Sectors:  SDG innovation

Partners: Google

Location:  Global

Date: Many times


Mindset-PCS is often asked to facilitate workshops for impact startups seeking to secure partnerships with international institutional actors working in the humanitarian and sustainable development space.

Discover below some of the recommendations we discuss in these workshops!

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which sets out the SDGs envisions a “revitalized global partnership for sustainable development” based on the understanding that the UN and governments do not have the reach nor the resources to achieve the Goals alone. Engagement, especially with the private sector, is imperative for the 2030 Agenda to succeed.

If we want to stand a chance to effectively address some of the most pressing challenges the world is facing today, we need to find safer, more financially viable, more effective, and more sustainable ways to support and work with individuals, communities and systems around the world.

And this is where ‘partnerships’ enter the picture. Creative and bold partnerships beyond the ‘traditional’ aid ecosystem can provide an opportunity to build new good practices on resilience, sustainability and impact. There is a potential to form new partnerships and purpose-driven coalitions to mobilize and leverage private financial investments,  technological and business model innovations, and networks to tackle these challenges. This requires us to innovate, collaborate, and adapt mindsets.

Below are 6 core recommendations that came out of our series of workshops with Google aimed at social impact startups interested in exploring partnerships with the humanitarian and international development ecosystem.

MindsetPCS_Recommendations for startups on SDG partnerships_2020
Download PDF • 313KB


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