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TIPS: How do we integrate gender into programs or innovations?

Updated: Jun 16

At Mindset-PCS, this is a question we very often hear from our partners.🔉

Despite progress in the sector, we see that gender analyses still often remain ad hoc and tokenistic components of programs and innovations.

Yet, it is proven that isolated interventions that do not consider the multifaceted and often complex social environments in which they operate often FAIL. Worse, they can be very harmful by creating or exacerbating social tensions and divisions (the bad examples unfortunately abound!).

Truly successful community-oriented programs and innovations ALWAYS analyze gender roles, social norms, power and other social dynamics.

Adopting a gender transformative approach is therefore a MUST across ALL community-oriented programs and innovation processes. Such an approach goes way beyond achieving numerical gender parity, and does not simply seek to enhance opportunities for women and girls, but genuinely and meaningfully intends to integrate and address the structural causes of gender inequalities and the barriers that prevent women, girls, and other groups from accessing, using, and controlling social, economic and environmental resources.🤰🏽👨🏾‍👧🏾‍👦🏾

So here are 3 series of questions to explore as a starting point with partners and communities before any program or innovation journeys in community settings. These questions are not meant to be exhaustive nor another tick-the-box checklist but to start a constant, authentic, and systemic reflection on the impact of activities and innovation processes on women, men, girls, boys, LGBTiQA+ and other groups.🔑

To get a more comprehensive guidance and tools on gender transformative programming & innovation, contact us!


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